Grow Your Tenner goes live on Tuesday

Clifton Team

The Local Giving “Grow Your Tenner” scheme is launched this Tuesday from 17th October.  If you are a taxpayer and make a Gift Aid declaration we will receive under the scheme £22.50 for a £10 donation from you.  This represents the most effective way to increase the value of your contribution to us.

A donation at this stage will be particularly helpful to us as we are looking at steady year on year increases in our turnover in our accounts and a successful “Grow Your Tenner” campaign will significantly help towards this.  This will be of major importance to us in grant applications in 2018 on securing the HSBC lease to show increasing local commitment to our project.

To make a donation you need to go to the Local Giving website and follow the registration instructions.  You should then search for us as a charity by putting in Clifton and then follow the donation instructions.

A link is attached below