AGM Date

Clifton Team : 29th March 2017 17:44 : News

This is the first notification of the 2017 AGM.

It will be held at 18.30 on 28th April 2017 at the Conference Room at Wellington Civic Offices.  Members and non members alike can be present but only members can speak and vote at the meeting.

The agenda and accompanying explanatory notes are currently in the course of preparation.  We intend to provide these to members who have an e-mail address by 7th April and will be delivered to members who are not on e-mail shortly afterwards.

Only the business on the agenda can be discussed in the AGM but we will open up after the conclusion of the AGM to update everybody on our plans for the rest of 2017.

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Clifton Team : 24th March 2017 09:05 : News

Thanks to the work of some of our stalwart volunteers, our background has gone “Clifton”  blue at the stall in Wellington.  Our thanks too to Town & Country markets for their permission and support.

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Clifton Team : 24th March 2017 08:33 : News

Thank you Shropshire Star for your support of our latest Film Festival beginning on 1st April 2017 at the Belmont Hall in Wellington at 7.30 p.m. (Doors open at 7.00 p.m.)  Full details can be found on this website… where electronic bookings can be made. If you prefer you can book through out stall in Wellington Market each Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to midday.

Don’t forget that your support in attending the films is not just for enjoyment, but it takes the Clifton project one step further forward to bringing a permanent venue in Wellington – and when applying for grants – demonstrates the need for such a venue to the grant providers.

And… remember, we have an interval and ice cream and an audience of like-minded cinema goers who like a smaller, and more social, cinema experience.

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Clifton Team : 24th March 2017 08:28 : News

Clifton team very much liked Mayor Cllr Morris-Jones interesting item in the Shropshire Star (see attached) pointing out the need for us all to support the regeneration of Wellington – especially visiting the market and shops, and not taking our custom elsewhere. Economic improvements need economic investment – and support of the businesses and market traders trying so hard to help our town get a new lease of life…. Let’s hope we can help with a cinema soon.

Please do what you can to help – visit coffee shops, spend money in local independent businesses etc., etc.  Thank you.

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New Fundraising Campaign

Clifton Team : 23rd March 2017 19:34 : News

Many of you will remember that late last year we participated in the Grow Your Tenner scheme run from the on line donation site, Local Giving.  This proved to be very successful for us and we raised around £1,200 during that campaign.

Local Giving’s first campaign for this year will start on 1st April and is called Local Hero.  We will be participating in that campaign and are delighted to confirm that local designer Charlotte Clark will be fund raising for us.  We are very excited about the possibilities on this campaign and believe you will be also.  Over the next few days we will provide a lot more information on this, so watch this space!

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Market Stall on Saturday

Clifton Team : 23rd March 2017 19:27 : News

We will have a limited presence this Saturday as the market is holding a baking event so we will not be able to display all our wares, but we will be at our usual stall still to sell film tickets so please don’t be deterred from coming down and while stocks last we will provide a free special Clifton cup cake for anyone buying tickets on Saturday

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Clifton Team : 19th March 2017 12:05 : News

The Clifton Group meeting is now going to be held at the Little Business Company coffee shop at 17 Market Square in Wellington – and NOT at the King Street Café (our usual venue), as there is another meeting at King Street on Tuesday next, the 21st March 2017.  We will see you all there at 6.30 p.m.

Do come for any update – we would love to see you.

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Supporters’ Meeting 21st March 2017

Clifton Team : 14th March 2017 20:26 : News

Just to remind everyone that our next supporters’ meeting will be at King Street Café at 18.30 on 21st March 2017.

As always, everybody is welcome.  It will be a busy meeting.  We will update you on the current position on the offer on the HSBC building which is currently with the Bank for their consideration as well as providing further details on the costings of the project.

You will also learn about what we have otherwise been doing in the last month to raise funds and awareness and what we will be doing going forward.


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Clifton group at Wrekin College

Clifton Team : 10th March 2017 19:41 : News

In January, Wrekin College opened a new business school and we have forged good links with the College since its opening.  We are very grateful to the business school head, Andy Hurd, for all his support towards us.

On 3rd March we made a presentation to the school of the project and this Wednesday the business school held a business challenge day for Year 4 pupils from the College and also neighbouring schools.  The pupils were set challenges by four different businesses which included ourselves.  Groups were given the challenge by us of how to promote awareness of the Clifton Group project and how to encourage funding.

Three separate groups tackled the issue and all of them made fantastic presentations and came up with some really helpful ideas which we will be looking to implement.

We hope to update this news item shortly but in the meantime you will see the Charlton School team of Adam Caswell, Adam Rangzabh, Ethan Shakespeare, Kyle Braddick and Josh Bagnall at their presentation stand in the picture attached.

Thank you to all of you for both your enthusiasm and your ideas.

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HSBC – further update

Clifton Team : 7th March 2017 16:44 : News

Last week, we advised you that we had submitted a formal offer on the HSBC building.

The agent has come back to us to request further financial information and we have today submitted a 59 page document to him enclosing accounts, our business projections and details of how we propose to finance the project.  We believe that these demonstrate that we will be good and viable tenants.

In addition, this document will assist us in producing a prospectus for the further investment we will require which is considerably less than the £500,000 sought on the Bridge Road properties in the original share offer.

It also goes without saying that our offer is capable of affording HSBC considerable savings over 5 years in terms of rent, rates, repairs and insurance compared to having a void building but the offer and its terms need to be considered not only by the agent and HSBC but also the landlord so there may be a delay before we hear whether the offer is acceptable.

We will update you further as soon as we can.

The next supporters’ meeting will be at the King Street Café at 6.30 on 21st March 2017.  As always, everybody is welcome and it would be our intention at that meeting to explain further to everybody the terms of our offer, how we feel we can finance it and how we see the facility being viable for the term of the lease and beyond.

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