Clifton Team : 16th October 2017 07:40 : News

We shared the following information with our film audience on Saturday – and now we are sharing it with you!


When we set up in 2013 our aims were two fold being to establish a major arts centre, cinema and community facility within the Wellington (the what) and to have it located within the Dunelm buildings on Bridge St (the where).

We could add the how and the why.

This was to be achieved through setting up a Community Benefit Society and we are now getting close to 700 members (the how) and because we believe in Wellington. This is a fabulous town to live in.  We want it to be better (the why).

In the last two days, there have been exhibitions in the old cinema buildings held by developers who are looking to convert the Dunelm site into a mixed retail and residential site. We have met the developers and would advise you as follows.

They have entered into a conditional contract with Dunelm to buy the whole freehold but it is dependent on getting planning permission. They have been in detailed negotiations and correspondence with both Dunelm and the local planning authority at Telford & Wrekin Council since the sold subject to contract sign went up in July 2015.

We have seen the plans and they entail the demolition of the old supermarket/Dunelm main shop but the retention of the Clifton cinema frontage. There will be a retail unit of 5,000 square feet in the old Clifton ground floor part, and two further retail units of 2,000 and 1,388 square feet on the ground floor.  There will be 52 residential units being one or two bedroomed flats with some on the ground floor but most on two upper floors.

The developers hope to proceed towards making a formal planning application very shortly having already been engaged in lengthy pre planning application discussions. While we cannot predict the outcome of the planning application, we must prepare ourselves for the likelihood that the development will go ahead.

Naturally, we are disappointed that our number one target may be lost to us. There was a period of over a year and a half for us to raise sufficient funds to make a bid to Dunelm before the sold sign appeared but we were considerably short of our fund raising target.

However, we are heartened by the developers’ commitment to retain the iconic character of this landmark building in the retention and restoration of the frontage and to that extent believe that we have contributed significantly towards “Saving the Clifton” and that heritage will remain established and not forgotten for generations to come.

Therefore, as a Board, we see no merit in placing unreasonable obstacles in the way of the developer in relation to the creation of a facility that will be welcomed by very many people in the town and will bring to an end its recent existence as a neglected eyesore during Dunelm’s residual ownership of this building.

While the where may now have to be different we remain determined if not more determined to bring about the what, how and why in the HSBC building. We continue to make progress on getting a lease and will update everyone shortly on what we hope are further developments there.  

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Grow Your Tenner goes live on Tuesday

Clifton Team : 15th October 2017 20:19 : News

The Local Giving “Grow Your Tenner” scheme is launched this Tuesday from 17th October.  If you are a taxpayer and make a Gift Aid declaration we will receive under the scheme £22.50 for a £10 donation from you.  This represents the most effective way to increase the value of your contribution to us.

A donation at this stage will be particularly helpful to us as we are looking at steady year on year increases in our turnover in our accounts and a successful “Grow Your Tenner” campaign will significantly help towards this.  This will be of major importance to us in grant applications in 2018 on securing the HSBC lease to show increasing local commitment to our project.

To make a donation you need to go to the Local Giving website and follow the registration instructions.  You should then search for us as a charity by putting in Clifton and then follow the donation instructions.

A link is attached below

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Clifton Team : 11th October 2017 19:38 : News

We are aware of postings on social media about the Dunelm buildings or you may have heard through word of mouth, that a proposal has been submitted to develop the former Clifton site into retail floor space and 52 residential dwellings.

Directors of the Clifton Community Arts Centre received individual invitations to a consultation to be held by the developers on Friday 13th October from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Saturday 14th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  At that time, no publicity had been made available to the general public.

We will be attending the consultation event where we aim to establish all the relevant facts and then report back to members (shareholders) once we have digested the information we will be provided with, so that we can form an opinion on how to proceed.
As such, we intend to report back to members early next week and will also post information on this web site and if appropriate, through social media.
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Telford & Wrekin 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Clifton Team : 4th October 2017 15:19 : News

As you are probably aware, Telford & Wrekin Council have set aside funds to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Telford and have recently announced that they intend to release the first tranche of that funding in early 2018 and the application deadline for such a grant closes on 23rd October.

The release consists of grants up to £2,000 to fund projects in celebration.

We will be applying for an award and would like to hold a five series film festival in the last two weeks of February to hold films where there is a connection with the borough through arts, culture, media or sport.  The grant will enable us to hold the films free of charge except for one where we anticipate holding an afternoon tea as well which will be separately charged.

While we have provisionally identified five films from requests we already have we would encourage anybody from the local community to get in contact with us to request a film to be shown.

If you would like such a film to be shown please get in contact with us at with details of the film and how it links to the borough.

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Clifton Team : 17th September 2017 11:22 : News

We circulated the attached leaflet at the film showing last night – and it will be updated when needed – but we thought you would like to share today.    Walk in the Woods flyer inc TW survey 2017 Rev 2 leaflet A4


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“12 ANGRY MEN” – THE ORIGINAL : 23rd September 2017

Clifton Team : 17th September 2017 11:03 : News

Fabulously successful night last night. Our classic film festival continues with “12 Angry Men” next Saturday at 7.30 p.m. The original, very powerful film stars Henry Fonda. On the edge of your seats as a juror tries to prevent a miscarriage of justice. Support the project, have an interval ice cream, socialise with others and all for five pounds.

Tickets on this website or you can buy them on Saturday 23rd at our stall in Wellington Market from 9.00 until 12 midday.

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Clifton Team : 12th September 2017 08:49 : News

Earlier in the year we held two quiz sessions at the Sir John Bayley Club on Haygate Road.  Beginning with only a few teams, the number doubled for the second quiz and we have been asked to “stage” some more – details are on the poster here!  Form a team and join us.

Team of One?  Don’t worry – we can match you with a team when you arrive.



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Latest on HSBC, film festival and supporters’ meeting

Clifton Team : 8th September 2017 13:42 : News

We started our film festival last Saturday with a sell out for Brief Encounter and this week we are showing Rio Bravo.  There are still seats available so please come to the Belmont Hall at 7.00 for a 7.30 on Saturday if you can to see this cult classic.

We distributed at Brief Encounter an update on our progress towards getting the lease on HSBC and this is attached for everybody’s information.  In particular, please note that the TWC consultation exercise for the legacy fund remains open until 18th September.  We would be grateful if as many people as possible were to respond to the survey by e-mail or Freepost indicating their support for part of the fund to be applied to us to fit out the HSBC building.  This could be an important source of finance for us.

Finally, the next supporters’ meeting will be on Tuesday 19th September at the King Street Café at 18.30.  As always, everybody is welcome to attend to receive the latest updates on what is a fluid situation.

September Film Festival HSBC update 1



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Supporters’ Meeting

Clifton Team : 22nd August 2017 18:29 : News

Just a quick reminder that the next supporters’ meeting will be this Thursday at the King Street Café at 18.30.  Join us for the latest update on the HSBC building and how we are planning the acquisition.

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Clifton Team : 20th August 2017 11:14 : News

Hello everyone.

Just to keep you all up to date –

Film bookings coming in now. Brief Encounter Tea+Film especially. Don’t miss out on a seat!
Just to make it clear in answer to a question yesterday. The film and tea are inclusive. If you only wish to see the film that’s fine but the ticket will remain at £10. We believe the film will begin at about 6.00 p.m. but we have to make allowances to clear tables etc. And of course there may not be a seat available, so we still recommend you book and let us know you will not attend the tea. Thank you.

If you have any questions about the Festival in general – please email

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